Creating Ad Images For Marketplace

Getting Started

Create an ad image using Canva 

Canva is a free to use online image editing tool that makes creating custom advert images quick and easy. 

Image dimensions:

Wide: 1440px
Tall: 920px

Preferred Format to save: JPEG (A Smaller File Size will help your ad load faster) 

Using Canva

Create a free account with Canva (a pro account is not necessary for this advert) 

Create a custom project size with the dimensions of 1440px x 920px

Create Your Advert

Drag and drop images into canva to upload them. Pre-made font layouts can be added in the “text” tab.

In this demo, we have included our username and some basic information on the item. 

Pro Tip
Bullet-points are ideal.
Sentences are not.

Note: Real photographs of the item are a great option as they better represent the item condition. 

Saving Your Work

In the top right corner of the editor window, select “download”.

Then click PNG and change your download format to JPG.
This format preserves your image quality, while minimising your file size.

This allows for faster download times, meaning your ad will be seen quicker.

Head to your Australian Shooters Marketplace,
and Create a new listing